Start your PHP application – series of tutorials

So, let’s warm up in the PHP world, this brief tutorial is for everyone who wants to build their application online, it for people who don’t need a previous back ground in programing or those who want to refresh what they know but in a simply explained way.

First we will star by reviewing some free php / MySQL web hosting, those would be required if you would like to publish your website to be available every where on Internet, else it would be only available on your local machine.

What to expect:

  • Create principle knowledge of programing with php and database management
  • Learn some basics of open source and how this contribute to the world
  • Build your application from scratch, a point of sale
  • Have some theory of analysis & software development
  • Make your web site / web app look nice with bootstrap and other theme tools

So, with no more to say, let’s start this series of tutorials, please feel free to leave on the comments, anything else you would like to learn, so we can focus on those requirements.

The question we want to answer in this series of tutorials is how to start a php application and make it fully functional.


  1. Install LAMP Ubuntu 16.04


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