Install Chromium Ubuntu

By default we have installed in the majority of distributions Firefox as the default web browser, which is not bad at all, but maybe we have other preferences,  something more like Google. For been more exactly Google Chrome. There’s an OpenSource version of Google Chrome which promise to give us the best in the “Free” way, we are talking about Google Chrome and we’ll see that’s easy to install.

In my personal case, Elementary OS is one of my favorites distributions, and is the one I commonly use for every day task, in EOS we have Midori by default, with it’s minimalist stile es a web browser really interesting, but unfortunately it hasn’t reach a point to be completely stable, not even show pages in their best way, but getting back to the topic, for installing Chromium we have 2 options:

1.- Get into Chromium site – build it your self and done … long way…

2.- Or you can install it by the terminal with the simple command:

sudo apt-get install chromium-browser 

That’s it .. simple


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