Does social media matters for modern leaders?

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of social media, but I’m really concerned about what it means in real world, perhaps I think it’s more full of non sense videos, gossip I’m not interested in, but there’s the other side of the coin where you can also find if you want to follow the right people … inspiration, advice, motivation and information sharing at a rapid speed, from following Before 5 AM on instagram, or checking out what’s new on Linked in.

The sharing of information in social media enables several leaders, depend on you what you are willing to follow, or whom you need to attract, leaders of whom you want to become.

It’s not hard to find the profile of the most successful CEOs on social media, and that’s great, based on a study to US and UK employees they revealed that 75 percent of respondents thought that CEO participation on social media led to better leadership, this is really crucial, as we know that what people think (perception) it may some day become reality. When your employees, friends or colleagues look at you as a good leader, that inspires you to become a better leader even, you become a better image to follow, most of this impressions come from the information people have about you, if they don’t spend a lot of time with you they’ll know it from social media.

In social media you may lead others to think the leader you should be, showing the kind of leader you are by the info you share, the ideas, the thoughts, and most of all the activities you do, ideas without activities lack of reality.

If you are a company it may be better, sharing real value content, allowing to share your skills, experience, approach, philosophy and social responsibility, you may convert visits to your profiles to clients that have already learned what your business is about, before they even enter to your door or where you are.

Another study revealed that 74% of adult in the US as 2014 use Social Media sites, that number in Latin America may fall down because of the rural living adults, but not in urban zones. As you may imagine this number will be greater in younger people up to 89%, most of them use facebook.

In your organization if you are willing to create a stronger leadership don’t doubt to use social media as a transparent way to speak to your team. If you want greater leadership in your industry, or in the business community, or as a public figure, share thoughts and ideas that will spark conversation on issues important to each particular audience. Social media is a way for you to not only join but guide the conversation; regularly expressing commentary and insights that resonate is how you build an audience, and an audience is one thing every leader needs.

Si, you need to get the most of social media to be a modern leader

Yes, you may know how important is social media, everybody is in, and as you guess, it’s an industry, a very well profitable industry. Now you need to take the steps to capitalize all this potential, becoming a solid leader that speaks and share it’s presence with a true authenticity, transparency and alway hear what your audience consider an issue of importance, be careful about it, but always attached to your philosophy. Mastering social media balancing act is a must for today’s organizations and leaders.

For starters, don’t try to be everywhere at once. As important as social media is, we all know it’s a small part of leading any size organization. Stay engaged, and stay focused, too – use social media to respond to important issues related to your business and/or personal interests and philanthropic work. If you try to capitalize on every trend that pops up, you look less like a leader and more like someone chasing after the crowd. You’ll also be watering down your message, your brand, and your leadership presence.

Similarly, careful consideration should be given before wading into any controversy, even those that are related to your business.

Any statement made on social media has the potential to go viral, and anything that spreads to a large enough number of people will attract its share of detractors as well as supporters. That’s what people like, and something I’m really sad about to watch most of the post related to non – sense, non- growing things. Championing a cause you believe in, and that is demonstrated in your organization’s values and operations, is worth the effort for intrinsic and extrinsic reasons, but be prepared for some social media fallout from those who don’t agree, it’s easier to attract people with no conviction than really smarter people.

First, do no harm; after that, pursue social media with the zeal and the resource allocation that feels appropriate to the size and scope of your leadership role. Keep your finger on the social media pulse and make sure you understand what conversations your should be joining, which you can be leading, and when you need to sit on the sidelines and listen (and when you can completely tune out, too). Be the kind of leader on social media you always wanted to be in life, and you’ll achieve both.


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