Install ProjectLibre Ubuntu

In this page we love Opensource programs, specially those who helps us save some money in basic tasks, otherwise some programs may cost you a lot, but there’s some software in which you can trust more complex tasks, just as your project management. ProjectLibre is a useful tool to organize the traditional way this kind of projects available in more than 20 languages, available for Mac, Windows and Linux, and have some characteristics as:

  •    Compatibility with Microsoft Project
  •    Gantt Chart
  •    Network Diagram
  •    WBS/RBS charts
  •    Earned Value Costing
  •    Resource Histograms

When you search on Google you may get to the point that the version you download is for RPM based distros, for installing ProjectLibre in Ubuntu based distros like Linux Mint or ElentaryOS you should go to sourceforge site:

The important step is to select the *.deb version, this way you may install it with the wizard of Package Installer




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