How to measure you website value?

If you are a fan of creating websites, let me first of all congratulate you, as long as the content you publish serves to build a better world, is framed in the good customs, morals and constitution of the Republic D:

Once you have started your adventure, it is most likely that you are thinking about making a revenue of it, you can have some interesting ways to make your site a profitable tool, there are different models such as subscription services, tools Fremium or simple web ads.

If you go by the line of web ads, the most widely used and world leader is without a doubt Google Adsense, all values ​​are private and by company policy issues it’s not allow you to show how much “you earn” with this service, But you can get an idea of ​​the traffic conversion of your site by evaluating it with the following:

Although it looks a bit archaic it gives you an interesting bit of information. In particular I have measured mine, and I will be honest, the data shown is a high to the reality of the revenue of my site (practically double)

Now, if you want to know the tips that Google can offer you to make your site more optimum in terms of SEO and appear in the first places you can use the tools:



Especially this tool I like enough to be able to guide you how to optimize your site and in this way get more visits, and therefore more profits. The tips and statistics are interesting, Did you know that a site that is responsive (adaptability) to mobile devices tends to receive 5 times more traffic? I wish you luck keeping your website!


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