WhatsApp for Windows and Mac – Official

Some time ago companies like Line and Viber had already launched its official application for Windows, WhatsApp after being acquired by Facebook had taken some time to have this feature, we had whatsapp web, and we now have the official application for Windows and Mac.

To install it’s very simple, just go to the official site by clicking here, select your operating system and install it.

An important thing to consider is that your device must also be connected to the Internet, we recommend that you connect to WiFi beacause you can do all the functions you do with your mobile phone, send messages, images, videos, documents, etc.

The requirement is to have WhatsApp installed on your phone and have Windows 8 or later, and Mac 10.9 or higher, it is a shame but it was expected that we wouldn’t have an official version for Linux.

Once installed you only need to scan the QR code you build the application and voila, you’ll whatsapping everything you want from your PC.


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