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Professional training is part of our concerns, but what happens when we do not feel satisfied with what we learn in our study centers, either from school or to university inclusive, or if the academic offer is not sufficiently convincing, this is in the most cases, specially when you are from countries of Latin America or from other sub developed countries, this is the reality of my country.

We live in the era of the Internet, and now we can consume more information than ever, this is not limited in the educational plane,  in recent months we have seen the proliferated MOOCs, corresponding to Massive Open Courses, thanks to the benefits of Internet communication.

Personally I have had a couple of these courses, and the interesting thing is that range from simple concepts to critical and analytical thoughts from human sciences to Engineering issues. In a world where if you stop learning, you start to lose, these courses are extremely productive and I promise at least, entertain and train you.

I leave two links of which I consider the main pages of MOOCs:


For all public and highly diverse in its topics, I have personally taken some finance and entrepreneurship, are simply fabulous.


This is a bit more technical and brings together the best universities in Ingieneria in their open courses.


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