SQL Server Beta for Linux

In April we talked about the development of SQL Server for Linux, the waiting for this dream became a reality, is now available through RPM and APT, Microsoft in recent years has tried many ways to show the world their interest in Open Source, becoming today the contributor number 1 of github.

In order not to bore you with some technical specs, we provide the official links where you can get more information, so follow up official documentation for the installation of the database engine to the tools:

Install tools for Ubuntu

Install tools for MAC

Connect to database engine and start queries

Installing on Ubuntu 16.04

Install tools for Ubuntu

Install tools for MAC

Connect to the database and start making some queries

If you are familiar with Linux you will realize that the steps are simple to copy and paste the commands in the console.

Also Microsoft is working to have this version of SQL Server available in Docker as well, so installation, configuration and integration will become easier.


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